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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Little Catching Up from me

Sorry everyone that I have not been able to keep my blog updated here the past few months. I have been so slammed with work and school at night. I barley get to cross stitch anymore. I have finished my daughters eye glass case. Now I am working on a needle roll for an exchange I am in. I will post pics soon.. Hopefully this weekend.

My girls are growing up so big! They get so mu prettier everyday and are changing right before my eyes. Next month on the 5th my youngest turns 8!!!! I cant believe it. Then my oldest turns 10 her birthday. Time sure does fly!

My baby chi... is getting so big. He's now almost 6 months! I will have to get my camera out of the shop soon and take updayted pics.

Work has been going good. I have been swamped with report cards getting ready to come out. Grades are due in on Thursday. College is bombarded as usual. We will not be ending the semester till Dec. 20th! That is to long for me. I cant wait till its over for this semester.

Dh and I are still here. Both tired from stress and working. We dont have a weekend anymore. Either hes working or I am off finishing what I cant get done during the week.

Anyways. I hope to atleast be able to post on the weekends. Everyone take care and stitch for me!!! HUGS!!!

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